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FSC provides all the esoteric services that large and small, public and private cable television systems need. We can do all of your Tower Work, provide and install your Satellite systems and take care of all of your Cars Band and other Microwave needs. We also offer Design, Auditing, System Troubleshooting, FCC Compliance testing and oversight, Strand Mapping and Field Survey, GO 95 and 128 compliance, Fiber Optic splicing and testing, Telephone work for those CATV systems now offering this service and Consulting.

FSC can provide a design for your system as well as check any design you may have. We can design extensions and entire communities.

We can audit your system for potential subscribers and for illegal subscribers. We can also make recommendations on how to reduce theft and churn.

Our years of experience will help you find and solve any problem you may have, from interference to your system to the perceived interference by others from your system. We can assist with special problems like ghost elimination and other poor picture problems. Tough problems are our specialty.

Our FCC licensed technicians can certify and calibrate any system as well as troubleshoot any abnormalities either with the path, equipment or any interference problem.

FSC can determine proper cable placement routes for large and small systems. Strand mapping and underground routing is available with an eye on optimizing your system.

We can assist in pole applications, joint use problems, obtaining permits from the city for trenching and easements. We can also assist in resolving any aerial and underground regulation problems.

The Founder of FSC has been involved in cable television since 1968. He is offering his services for Consulting and Engineering as well as supervision of large projects. These may be campus type projects or entire cities. He holds a FCC license and is qualified to oversee FCC Testing and any testing relating to these systems.

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