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See our Bird! Full Spectrum Communications was founded in 1984 and has been awarded "Installer of the Year" by Hughes Network Systems for quality. We are a Southern California based company, offering complete turnkey installations, engineering, design, maintenance and consultation on all types of communication systems throughout the US and the world.

Video Entertainment

  wCATV & SMATV Services
wDesign & Auditing
wSystem Troubleshooting
wFCC Testing
wOff-Air HDTV
wDecades Of Experience
wHeadend Solutions:
wDirecTV / DishNetwork
wC/Ku/Ka Band satellites
wLarge dish systems


Outside Plant

  wComplete Services
wDesign & Construction
wRCDD/OSP Specialist
wAerial Lines
wPole setting
wUnderground cable   placing, trenching, and
  directional boring

wTower Work by Certified   Tower Specialists


Computer Networks

  wComplete LAN Services
wState-of-the-art networks
wCategory 6, 5E
wFiber Optics: SM, MM,
  Fusion Splicing, OTDR

Wireless A, B, & G band



  wComplete installation
wFactory trained personnel
Integrated Voice Mail
1yr parts & labor warranty
wFlexible for expansion
Voicemail, ACD &   Networking
New & Used Equipment



  Microwave services include licensed point-to-point, & Point-to-multipoint solutions.  Systems can be FCC legal to transmit in about a week if there is a rush.
Satellite systems available for communications to other countries, for Internet access, and for dissemination of video or other broadcasts to many users. We also install Large dishes for Government, and private use.
Laser solutions are great for short distances (generally under a mile), and have a bandwidths up to a Gigabit and beyond.
Unlicensed solutions include all 802.11X radios, as well as any radio that transmits on 2.4, 5.3, and 5.8 Gigahertz, as well as the new 60 Gigahertz—1 Gigabit per second radios, to also include the 4.9 Government Public Safety Band.  The benefits of these radios, is that they require no license, can be installed quickly, and moved around at will for mobile applications.


Video Security

  FSC offers great ways to watch your employees, kids, or whatever from your computer across the room or around the world. We have solutions for dial-up lines and for DSL. We have inexpensive, and we have high-power, high-resolution systems. We can record the action at your facility or at the remote facility for later viewing. We can even set up systems where we can talk to the remote sites through your phone or a microphone on your computer, and control lights and other remote devices.  The beauty of our systems is that besides using the public network, we can transport the signals across the other wireless networks we sell and install, or integrate it into a complete system of Phone, Data and Security.  Check out our Live Wireless PTZ camera in our warehouse here.  Great for remote work sites, site surveys (excellent line of site testing!), day care, watching your home or business. Below is one of our incredible Wireless Cameras!  


This is a live camera outside our offices in Garden Grove. Please note that you may have to accept an Active X control in order to see the picture.

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