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ORiNOCO 802.11b/g Products
Proxim introduces the first enterprise class .11b/g products. 802.11b/g products provide more bandwidth to the user, enabling faster network connections with improved response times. Our family of 802.11b/g products allow current 802.11b users to migrate quickly and seamlessly to this new technology.
ORiNOCO AP-2000 Access Point
The first enterprise-quality 802.11b/g Access Point. Dual slot architecture provides the best possible performance in mixed .11b and .11g networks. The AP-2000 is the only Tri-Mode WLAN Access Point supporting 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11a.
ORiNOCO AP-600 Access Point
The first enterprise quality Single-Radio 802.11b/g Access Point at a small business price
ORiNOCO AP-2000 11b/g Kit
The ORiNOCO AP-2000 11b/g Kit in the AP-2000 provides an enterprise-class 802.11g Access Point solution.
ORiNOCO 11a/b/g ComboCard
Connect to any Wi-Fi network, anywhere, anytime. Simple, convenient and secure high-speed Wireless LAN connectivity for every network.
ORiNOCO 11a/b/g PCI Card
The ORiNOCO 11a/b/g PCI Card provides a three-in-one solution for connecting computers which have an available PCI slot to any 802.11 wireless network.
ORiNOCO 11b/g PC Card
Simple, convenient and secure high-speed Wireless LAN connectivity for .11g and .11b Wi-Fi networks.
Tsunami MP.11
Tsunami MP.11 is a family of economical wireless point-to-multipoint solutions enabling reliable 11 Mbps connectivity for last mile access, campus networking and security and surveillance. Extremely affordable Subscriber Units allow service providers to gain a competitive edge over wired solutions on the market.
Tsunami MP.11 Antennas and Accessories
Tsunami MP.11 antennas provide for good transmission distances between two or more buildings. Available for directional configurations (point-to-point), omni-directional configurations (point-to-multipoint) and mobile outdoor roaming configurations (for mobility within a cell), Tsunami MP.11 has an antenna for every application.
Tsunami Multipoint
Tsunami Multipoint™, the highest capacity point-to-multipoint solution available on the market today, quickly and easily connects networks between buildings within campus environments and enables service providers to offer a robust variety of services to growing numbers of subscribers.
Tsunami 10 Wireless Ethernet Bridges
Tsunami 10BaseT is a wireless Ethernet bridge providing greater capacity and significantly lower cost than using multiple dedicated T1/E1 leased lines—at distances of over 40 miles (64 km).
Tsunami 45 / 100 Wireless Ethernet Bridges
Tsunami 100BaseT/F is a wireless Ethernet bridge providing greater capacity and significantly lower cost than using dedicated DS-3 leased lines.
Tsunami QuickBridge 11
The Tsunami QuickBridge 11 Kit contains everything you need to establish a point-to-point connection, including one Tsunami MP.11 Base Station Unit, one Tsunami MP.11 Subscriber Unit, surge arrestors, antennas and Ethernet cables.
Tsunami QuickBridge 20
Tsunami QuickBridge 20 is a faster, easier, and more cost-effective alternative to leased lines, and 802.11b bridges—providing toll quality outdoor connectivity between buildings at distances of up to six miles.
Tsunami QuickBridge 60
Offering unprecedented ease-of-installation in conjunction with an aggregate throughput of 60 Mbps, the Tsunami QuickBridge 60 is the best price/performance value for building-to-building data connectivity.
Lynx GX 16T
Product Information | PDF Datasheet US | PDF Datasheet A4 | Downloads
Proxim's Lynx.GX 16T is a high-capacity point-to-point microwave radio solution providing unprecedented installation flexibility for cellular backhaul, enterprise voice and network redundancy applications.
The Lynx.HD provides the industry's broadest, most scalable line of license-exempt Spread Spectrum radios for establishing point-to-point, wireless, T1, or E1 connectivity.  Lynx.HD delivers the fastest possible implementation and connectivity of multi-T1/E1 access for line-of-sight distances with 99.999% or better availability.
Lynx.sc Radios
Lynx.sc is a digital microwave radio that provides wireless connectivity with capacity up to two T1/E1 lines at distances exceeding 50 miles (80 km)—and is less expensive than leasing lines.
Lynx DS-3 Radios
Lynx DS-3 is a digital microwave radio that provides wireless full-duplex DS-3 connectivity for distances exceeding 15 miles (24 km)—at a significantly lower cost than leasing dedicated DS-3 lines.
Lynx 1500 Digital Microwave Radio
Lynx 1500 is an international 1.5GHz licensed digital microwave radio that provides two full-duplex E1 connections at distances beyond 80 km (50 miles)—with 99.999% or better availability.
Lynx Hot Standby Protection Switch
The protection switches provide monitored hot standby (MHS) hardware protection to the on-line radio.

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