Knowledge and Experience for your Needs

Knowledge and Experience for your Needs

You may know me from my many years as chief inspector and manager of the Southern California office of RFSignalman.  You also may know me as the closing speaker at the DasPedia Public Safety Seminar in Tustin a couple of months ago (I will be addressing the 510 2019 code for DasPedia in September).  Or you may know me from my 35 years as owner of Full Spectrum Communications (unlike Full Spectrum Communications, Fire Safety Communications will not be offering installation services--except to assist other construction and installation companies).

 However you have worked with or known me in the past, I have decided that going forward I will be offering my Fire Safety experience, deep understanding of the 510 and NFPA Codes, and my communication’s experience in directly helping people and companies in the Fire Safety Communications field, i.e.:

 ·         AHJs needing help understanding the 2019 510 & fulfilling their responsibilities

 ·         Contractor’s desiring to bid & install BDAs & DAS systems correctly the first time

 ·         Manufacturers desiring to make sure their equipment will pass inspection

 ·         Building owners & managers as well as developers desiring to know and meet their requirements under the 510 and NFPA 1221 & other codes relating to Fire Safety

 ·         Need a communications specialist with a FCC GROL (as required by the 510 & others) or an APCO Technician Cert (one of the qualifying certificates required to set up BDAs)

 ·         Testing your building to see if it needs an ERRCS fire safety repeater/DAS system

 ·         Help designing/validating designs for your BDA system

 Wherever you fit in the ERRCS Fire Safety Communications world I can provide some extremely valuable help.