FSC offers a variety of lasers for speeds from 100 to well over 1 gigabit per second in IP format, as well as OC3-OC12 throughputs.  Brand names include:

  • fSona

  • MRV (Optical Access)

  • CanoBeam

  • Light Pointe

  • LaserBit

We have some surprisingly inexpensive short range (“Street-Crossers”) and some high power units with auto-aiming transmitters.  We believe these are great systems for short hops. They can work up to several miles, as long as there is line of sight. Fog and rain can limit them, so where absolute reliability is an issue, we suggest they be limited to about 500 Meters (about 1/3 of a mile), or as far as visibility is restricted in your area. There are areas in the Southwest Desert where this limitation is not much of a factor and may be ignored.  We offer complete installation for all of these systems.