Full Spectrum Communications offers complete licensed microwave solutions for data, video and voice. We provide services to Carriers, Cellular Phone Companies, the Military and Businesses alike.  We sell all major brands licensed radio solutions ranging from T1 to OC12.  If you have a link you need distance, reliability, and frequency guarantees, this is the way to go.

We have employees with over 30 years in the business, RCDD, Wireless Design & FCC licensed personnel to consult with you for your microwave and other wireless needs.

We offer complete site surveys, providing both Satellite views and topographical maps showing the path in detail. Computer-generated profiles show complete ground and terrain clearance as well as clearance from any trees, buildings, water and any other features that may affect the path.

Our path analysis takes our site survey to a higher level by calculating the Fresnel Zone clearances and curvature of the Earth (a real concern on paths over several miles), as well as using your chosen equipment specifications and determining Fade Margins, path and equipment reliability, and spacing on space diversity systems, etc.

We can work with your equipment profiles and design a mount or tower to suit your current and future needs. Our Structural Engineer can have plans drawn up for landlord and city approval. Our staff can work with the local city or other governing body and get zoning approval as well as building permits. We also work with the F.A.A. to determine lighting needs and any local height restrictions.

We can take the information from any site survey and do the Frequency Search and/or the FCC License Application. We can also help with renewals or any FCC licensing problem as well as answer questions you may have.

Full Spectrum Communications can help you choose and purchase the New or Used equipment that is best suited to your needs. We can also help you with Channel Banks, Multiplexers, Power supplies and any other specialty equipment that you may require to have a complete working system.

We offer complete Sales, Rentals, and Leasing of all of our equipment. Our professional Sales staff will be more than happy to assist you in any and all of your business needs when you contact us

We offer complete installation of all microwave systems. From tall towers and twelve foot dishes to the twelve inch, 38 gig systems. Our Engineering staff, with many years of experience, gives us the ability to install unique situations. We understand the importance of the signal levels that you have paid for and we engineer and align to get every bit of it. Our inside communication and power cabling is installed with care and we leave the racks meticulously labeled.

Our FCC licensed technicians can certify and calibrate any microwave system as well as troubleshoot any abnormalities either with the path, equipment, or any interference problem.

Full Spectrum Communications offers 24/7 maintenance for all microwave systems. We are located in Southern California and we will have a Technician return your call within one hour, day or night. He will then be on the road to your site or to the airport within two hours (usually sooner) of your original call. We offer maintenance contracts where we will guarantee response to you in writing for a nominal fee. If you DO or DO NOT have a contract and are experiencing microwave problems, please call our main number which is answered by a live person 24 hours a day; state "EMERGENCY" and the on-call person will be paged. (For those without a contract, arrangements will be made to get you functioning again.)

Full Spectrum Communications will purchase most used microwave and auxiliary equipment that you may have, either as a trade-in or outright. We can also uninstall and remove any old microwave equipment from towers and other locations. We also have for sale used radios taken down from other customers.