Full Spectrum Communications offers complete satellite dish services.  Besides selling the transmit and receive satellite equipment for point-to-point and Point-to-multipoint systems, we also arrange for satellite time on part or full time basis for IP and video transmissions. We recently designed a video over satellite network for the State of California Judicial system and oversaw its construction. We also build commercial satellite systems for DirecTV, as well as the distribution systems. We have fiber solutions as well as coax based distribution solutions.

Full Spectrum Communications can install dishes up to 15 meters in diameter and set up the motorized tracking systems and all of the back-up generators and electronics systems. 

Full Spectrum Communications has installed over 3000 VSAT systems ranging in size from 2.4 Meters (8 feet) to .6 Meters (2 feet). We have served most all VSAT manufacturers; we are particularly proud to have received "Installer Of The Year" from Hughes Network Systems. 

Full Spectrum Communications offers IP service over satellites from 64 kbps to 2 Mbps throughout the world.

Full Spectrum Communications is a certified Thompson/RCA DSS Installation/Service Center.

We offer complete site surveys of not only the physical site for stability, and a view of the desired satellite and the Satellite arc, but we also use our Spectrum Analyzer to check for interference from terrestrial sources such as microwave, etc.

We have the software and resources to determine the signal strength available in your area and can determine dish size, transmitter power and signal required for any satellite you may wish to communicate with.

We can work with your equipment profiles and design mounts and base support structures. Our Structural Engineer can have plans drawn up for landlord and city approval. Our staff can work with the local city or other governing body and get zoning approval as well as building permits.

We can take the information from our survey or any site survey you provide and do the Frequency Search and/or the FCC License Application. We can also help with renewals or any FCC licensing problem or question you may have. In addition, we can resolve frequency conflicts by building shielding.

Full Spectrum Communications can help you select the proper dish, mount and electronics to have an optimum system based on cost, reliability, bandwidth and visibility.

Full Spectrum Communications offers complete installation of all satellite systems. Our Engineering staff and many years of experience give us the ability to install unique situations. We understand the importance of the signal levels that you have paid for and we align to get every bit of it. Our inside communication and power cabling is installed with care and we leave the racks meticulously labeled.

Our FCC licensed technicians can certify and calibrate any satellite system as well as troubleshoot any abnormalities either with the equipment itself or RF interference to your system or from your system.

Full Spectrum Communications offers 24/7 maintenance for all satellite systems. We are located in Southern California and we will have a Technician return your call within one hour, night or day. He will then be on the road to your site or to the airport within two hours (usually sooner) of your original call. We offer maintenance contracts where we will guarantee response to you in writing for a nominal fee. If you DO or DO NOT have a contract and are experiencing problems, please call our main number. It is answered by a live person 24 hours a day; state "EMERGENCY", and the on-call person will be paged. (For those without a contract, arrangements will be made to get you functioning again.)