Full Spectrum Communications was founded in 1984 and has been awarded "Installer of the Year" by Hughes Network Systems for quality. We are a Southern California based company, offering complete turnkey installations, engineering, design, maintenance and consultation on all types of communication systems throughout the US and the world.

Microwave systems include licensed point-to-point, & Point-to-multipoint solutions.  Systems can be FCC legal to transmit in about a week if there is a rush.
Satellite systems available for communications to other countries, for Internet access, and for dissemination of video or other broadcasts to many users. We also install Large dishes for Government, and private use.
Laser solutions are great for short distances (generally under a mile), and have a bandwidths up to 10 Gigabit and beyond.
Unlicensed solutions include all 802.11X radios, as well as any radio that transmits on 2.4, 5.3, and 5.8 Gigahertz, as well as the new 60 Gigahertz—1 Gigabit per second radios, to also include the 4.9 Government Public Safety Band.  The benefits of these radios, is that they require no license, can be installed quickly, and moved around at will for mobile applications.

Chris Herrington, founder of Full Spectrum Communications, has been involved with video and TV distribution systems over 50 years.  For a single office or a whole town, and everything in between (Hotels, hospitals, condos, college campuses, military bases, corporations, bars, etc.) Full Spectrum Communications has a solution to distribute TV,  

We can design the source for the feed (DirecTV, Cable Television, Off-air, private feeds and more), and deliver a complete plan for successful implementation. 

And do not forget; as a DirecTV dealer we can also get you the best package for your entertainment requirements.

For other services like Remote Utility Meter Reading, contact us.